Women are Becoming the Breadwinners


The New York Times is reporting that women in their 20s with steady jobs in big cities — New York, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis — make more money than their male counterparts. This is fabulous news, but unfortunately these same women are finding it hard to date men who earn less than they do.

From the article:

They would say, “Wow, you’re so sophisticated,” she recalled. A first look at her apartment, a smartly appointed studio in a full-service building in TriBeCa, would only reinforce the impression. “They wouldn’t want me to see their apartments,” she said, because they lived in cramped surroundings in distant quadrants of Brooklyn or the Bronx.

One of them, she said, finally just came out and said it. “Look,” Ms. Hess recalled him saying, “it makes me really uncomfortable that you make more money than me. I’m going to put that out on the table and try to get over it.”

But he never got over it, she said.

“The sad thing is that I really liked the guy,” she said. “If that hadn’t been an issue with him, we’d probably still be dating.”

Why are so many men threatened when the woman is the breadwinner in the relationship? Tami can be my sugar momma any day!

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