Fabulously Rich and Famous: Victoria and David Beckham


There is a new golden couple making headlines around the world. You may remember her as Posh from the early nineties hot girl band Spice Girls. His name is David Beckham, the most famous soccer player ever in the history of the sport. When they married they became Posh n’ Becks and perhaps the most famous and beloved couple throughout the world.

This couple knows what it means to be fabulously wealthy and loved by the entire world a few times over. David Beckham is the highest paid and most famous soccer player ever. With their two kids, Brooklyn and Romeo, Posh and Becks live in a $4 million dollar home that Britain has dubbed Beckingham Palace. And this is just one of their homes.


Their wedding, costing $800,000 actually made this dynamic duo money – as OK! Magazine paid them 1.5 million dollars for the publishing rights. But their lavish lifestyle didn’t end with happily ever after. Together they own millions of dollars worth of jewelry, clothing – and a total of ten cars ranging from Bentleys to Aston Martins to four Ferraris. Yes, four. Their combined net worth is close to $100 million dollars – and still counting.

And yet, besides the wealth and the glamour – Victoria and David have become the darlings of the world. Parents name their children after them, Buddhist temples have erected gold statues in the likeness of David Beckham and the couple has usurped the royal family not only in earning power but in world-wide interest.

(Source VH1)

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